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Digital Signature Certificate

Our nation is rapidly becoming digitally strong. Like private sector, most of the government departments are shifting their traditional working process to digital process. To keep the work authenticated, safe and secure in this digital environment, we need to digitally sign and encrypt the files before transferring them over servers. To sign these documents and to encrypt them, DSC (digital signature certificates) are required.

To sign a document, signing certificate is required; to encrypt a document, encryption certificate is required.

Commonly, there are two classes of DSC which are used: Class II & Class III.

DSC are used for many purposes. Some of the key utilities of DSC are as below:

*  Signing your documents

*  Encrypting your documents

*  Uploading your Income Tax Return

*  Signing in into your etendering accounts and encrypting documents before uploading them

*  Registering online for Employee Provident Fund

*  Registering online for GST

*  ...And many more

We are the providers of following types of DSC:

>  Class II Signing Only

>  Class II Signing & Encryption Combo

>  Class III Signing Only

>  Class III Signing & Encryption Combo

All of the above come with validity of two years.

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